Welcome to Visionary Noise  

We are Visionary Noise an independent record label located in Houston Texas. We currently accept unsolicited material from bands, musicians, artists, and performers. We operate with a unique and revolutionary business model, serving a progressive solution to dynamic musicians. We work in partnership with some of the best talent Texas and the Third Coast have to offer. 

Our promotions group hosts a variety of national festivals and shows in order to build fanbases centered around talent as it moves around the country. We have produced shows in NYC and other major cities around the nation. 

Visionary Noise is an independent record label operating without the funding of major record labels. This enables us to ensure the integrity of the art, and allows artists the creative freedom they need to make the impact they are striving for individually. As a boutique label, we give established, and up and coming powerful artists latitude in discovering and promoting their talent.

Our site offers a diverse mix of music and industry-related information  applicable to multiple genres. We recognize the importance of showcasing indie acts which represent the diverse pool of talent out there today. 

We offer the highest quality in-house production and draw from a network of studios, printing and production crews in order to showcase the explosive talent we have today. We are proud to offer only the highest quality materials, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing standards. Our product partners are adept in progressive methods of manufacturing and delivery.  The common thread is the unconditional love for the experimentation of innovative production techniques and the desire to introduce to the outside world their own music vision without limits.

Originated by the desire to create an artists collective that working together with the same passion and love for the music. In any situation Visionary Noise allows musicians and groups to write and make their own music.

"I just have so much love for this record label."
~ Micah Jackson

We produce digital and vinyl releases, that allow established artists the possibility to have their works available in limited unique copies and for upcoming artist to have a (first) digital release for to introduce their music.